Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator

As a Flight Training Center, we utilize in our flight training, advanced aviation training devices (AATD & BATD).  Redbird flight training devices provide a seamless, realistic and fully integrated training experience and cost-effective training solution.  The Redbird Flight Training Device is an avionics replica of the Garmin G1000 avionics or Standard 6 pack with Garmin 530. The Redbird visual system creates a realistic flight experience with the ability to simulate unlimited weather and environmental scenarios. The training courses integrate flight simulation to increase training efficiency and to provide realistic emergency training that is not safe or possible in the actual aircraft. 


We offer instrument proficiency checks, recurrent training, transition training, 10 day instrument ratings and IFR finish-up courses utilizing the Redbird aircraft simulator.

Redbird desktop trainer

Courses Utilizing Flight Simulator Training Include:

  • 10 Day Instrument Rating Course

  • 5 Day IFR Finish-Up Course

  • 5 Day Instrument Instructor Course

  • Instrument Proficiency Training/Checks (IPC)

  • Cirrus Transition Course

  • Flight Reviews

  • Partner In-Command Course

  • Note - Call for pricing

  • Note: Course, pricing, flight and ground instruction can be customized to individual needs

  • Note: Hotel & housing available

  • Note: Courtesy vehicle transportation available

  • Contact Us At: 218-879-6599 for Course Scheduling

Benefits of Flight Simulator Training Include:

  • Risk Management

  • Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Task Management

  • Single Pilot Resource Management

  • Scenario Based Training

  • Personal Minimums

  • Basic Instrument Flying

  • Flight Planning

  • ATC System & Communications

  • Autopilot training

  • Advanced aircraft & avionics systems training

  • Glass panel training

  • Fuel Planning / and alternate airports

  • Weather planning for the general aviation pilot

  • Proper power settings and airspeed control

  • Proper ATC radio communications

  • Flight Planning - Airway and Off Airway

  • Nonprecision approaches

  • Precision ILS approaches

  • Circle-to-land

  • IFR cross country

  • Enroute procedures

  • Localizer backcourse

  • DME arc maneuvers

  • ASR and PAR approach

  • Visual and contact approaches

  • Advanced instrument approaches - GPS, L-NAV, L-NAV+V, LPV - WAAS

  • Partial panel flying.

  • Proper power settings and airspeed control

  • Holding procedures

  • VOR and tracking

  • Emergency and CAPS deployment training

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