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10-Day Instrument Rating (IFR) Course

Our highly-rated 10-day Accelerated Instrument Rating IFR Course is an immersive program that provides private pilots with a comprehensive and dedicated training experience to earn their instrument rating. Our program is specifically designed to take your flying skills to the next level and prepare you for real-world IFR flying scenarios.

Throughout our instrument rating course, we focus on Single Pilot Operations and Scenario-Based Training. This approach allows you to experience realistic IFR Instrument flying scenarios from the very beginning, gaining invaluable experience and skills as you progress through the program. Our philosophy is simple - Train the way you Fly, and Fly the way you train.

On the tenth day of the course, you will have the opportunity to take the FAA Instrument Rating practical test recommendation and check-ride. This final day is critical for demonstrating your proficiency in handling advanced IFR flight scenarios and earning your instrument rating. With our comprehensive and immersive training program, you can become a skilled and confident IFR pilot in just 10 days.

10 Day Instrument Rating Course
Instrument Rating Course

Topics Covered in This Course

  • Risk Management

  • Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Task Management

  • Single Pilot Resource Management

  • Scenario Based Training

  • Personal Minimums

  • Basic Instrument Flying

  • Flight Planning

  • ATC System & Communications

  • Autopilot training

  • Advanced aircraft & avionics systems training

  • Glass panel training

  • Fuel Planning / and alternate airports

  • Weather planning for the general aviation pilot

  • Proper power settings and airspeed control

  • Proper ATC radio communications

  • Flight Planning - Airway and Off Airway

  • Non precision approaches

  • Precision ILS approaches

  • Circle-to-land

  • IFR cross country

  • Enroute procedures

  • Localizer backcourse

  • DME arc maneuvers

  • ASR and PAR approach

  • Visual and contact approaches

  • Advanced instrument approaches - GPS, L-NAV, L-NAV+V, LPV - WAAS

  • Partial panel flying.

  • Proper power settings and airspeed control

  • Holding procedures

  • VOR and NDB tracking

10 Day IFR Course

Course Includes

  • Flight Instructor Exclusively Assigned to You

  • Unlimited Ground & Flight Instruction

  • Training Materials

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • FAA Practical Test Recommendation & Scheduled Checkride. Budget Examiner Fees

  • Flight Training in your plane

  • Flight Training in one of our planes

    • NEW! Piper Archer PA-28-181LX G1000 NXI Synthetic Vision, Autopilot, Weather, and Traffic

    • NEW! Piper Pilot 100i Garmin G3X Touch Synthetic Vision, Autopilot, Weather, and Traffic

    • Piper Warrior PA-28-151 Garmin G5, GPS Garmin 375 WAAS, Weather and Traffic

    • Cirrus SR22 G3 Avidyne/ GPS WAAS, Autopilot, Weather and Traffic

    • CE172 Garmin G5's Garmin 430 WAAS ADSB In & Out, Weather and Traffic


Pricing & Enrollement

Come prepared with the following information.

  • FAA Instrument written test passed.

  • Current Passport or Birth Certificate, & Government Issued ID.

  • Private Pilot with Basic Med or Third Class Medical or better.

  • 20 hours PIC cross country time logged.

  • Current flight review logged.

  • VFR currency to the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards.

Course, pricing, flight and ground instruction can be customized to individual needs.

  • Hotel & housing available.

  • Courtesy vehicle transportation available.

  • Train at our location or we can train at your location anywhere in the U.S.

  • Train in your plane or one of ours.

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