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3-Day Seaplane Rating Course

Earn your private or commercial seaplane rating with Venture North Aviation, LLC! Located in Cloquet, MN, on the western tip of Lake Superior, we offer access to thousands of lakes for seaplane flying. Our 3-day seaplane rating course and custom floatplane adventures throughout northern Minnesota are designed to provide you with the ultimate seaplane flying experience. Don't settle for anything less than our classic Supercub on amphibious floats, perfect for secluded North wood's lakes or private grass strips. With as little as 8 hours of flying, you can earn your seaplane rating using our Piper Super Cub with a 160 hp engine on Wipline 2100 floats - the ultimate floatplane flying machine!

3 Day Seaplane Rating Course
Seaplane Rating Training

Topics Covered in This Course

  • Risk Management

  • Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Seaplane preflight and fueling

  • Normal, short field, glassy water landings

  • crosswind & confined area take-off and landings

  • Emergency power off landings

  • Step taxi turns

  • Plow turns

  • Idle taxi

  • Sailing

  • Docking

  • Mooring and beaching

  • Surveying landing sites

  • Securing the aircraft

  • Effects of wind on the seaplane

  • Slow flight & Stalls

Seaplane Training Course

Course Includes

  • Flight Instructor Exclusively Assigned to You

  • Unlimited Ground & Flight Instruction

  • Training Materials

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • FAA Practical Test Recommendation & Scheduled Checkride. Budget Examiner Fees

  • Flight Training in your plane

  • Flight Training in one of our planes

    • PA-18-151 Supercub on Amphibius Floats


Pricing & Enrollement

Come prepared with the following information.

  • Current Passport or Birth Certificate, & Government Issued ID

  • Private Pilot with Basic Med or Third Class Medical or better

  • Current flight review logged

  • VFR currency to the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards

Course, pricing, flight and ground instruction can be customized to individual needs.

  • Hotel & housing available.

  • Courtesy vehicle transportation available.

  • Train at our location or we can train at your location anywhere in the U.S.

  • Train in your plane or one of ours.

About us in Video

Watch all of our great videos. Ride along in a Cirrus SR22, take a tour over some area lakes and rivers in our Seaplane, Learn how to properly execute a soft field landing, watch some instructional videos, and so much more.

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