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5-Day CFII Instrument Flight Instructor Course

Our Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) Course is specifically designed to add the rating onto existing and current flight instructor certificates, providing you with the necessary training and experience to become a proficient and successful Instrument Flight Instructor.

Our CFII course is 5 days in length and is focused on Single Pilot Operations with Scenario Based Training, allowing you to gain the necessary skills and experience to teach and guide your students in instrument flying.

On the 5th day of the Flight Instructor CFII course, you will have the opportunity to take the CFI training course recommendation flight.  This final day is critical for demonstrating your proficiency in handling advanced flight scenarios and earning your Flight Instructor rating.  

At our top-rated training facility, we offer comprehensive and immersive training programs that are specifically designed to help you achieve your aviation goals. With our Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) Course, you can add the rating onto your existing flight instructor certificate and become a skilled and successful Instrument Flight Instructor in just five days.

So why wait? Enroll in our CFII course now and take the first step towards advancing your aviation career.

5 Day Accelerated CFII Course
Accelerated CFII Flight Training Course

Flight Instructor Course Details

​Course Schedule:

  • All our Flight Instructor courses typically start on a Monday.  To schedule a CFI course and, or CFII course, contact us directly by phone 218-879-6599 to discuss course details or Email us at:  We will email you a one-page application, to get some information on you, and a letter on area hotels and what to bring with you when you come for the CFI course.

Additional Ratings:

  • You can add a CFII course to an existing scheduled initial CFI course. Many pilots attending an initial CFI course will add the 5-day CFII course (Instrument Flight Instructor Course) to a scheduled initial Flight Instructor course the following week.  The CFII course is an additional 5-days in length.

​CFI Training Materials:

  • Once you are enrolled and scheduled for a CFI course and, or CFII course, our staff will email you a link so you can download your Flight Instructor course training materials.  The training material will include CFI course fundamentals of instruction study material as well as CFI course technical subject matter.  Please review the flight instructor training material in detail prior to your arrival.

​FAA Practical Test Checkride:

  • You have the option of having us schedule the Flight Instructor practical test as part of your course with a local FAA Pilot examiner.  You also have the option of receiving the recommendation and taking the test locally where you live.  The fee for the Flight Instructor practical test is typically paid directly to the FAA Pilot Examiner at their requested rate.  Example: if your Flight Instructor course ended on a Friday, we would schedule a Flight Instructor CFII practical test that following week to minimize your stay. Budget Examiner Fees.

Hotel and Curtesy Vehicle Transportation: 

  • While attending the Flight Instructor course and on your first day of training, we will provide you with curtesy vehicle transportation, so you do not have to rent a car.  If you fly in with your airplane, we provide you with free heated hangar service, so you do not have to leave your aircraft out in the weather.  We have dozens of hotels within 30 minutes of our airport however we provide a few hotel options on the letter we email you that are within 5-10 minutes of our airport KCOQ. Cloquet Carlton County Airport, MN.

CFII Instrument Flight Instructor Course

Course Includes

  • Flight Instructor Exclusively Assigned to You

  • Unlimited Ground & Flight Instruction

  • Training Materials

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • FAA Practical Test Recommendation & Scheduled Checkride. Budget Examiner Fees

  • Flight Training in your plane

  • Flight Training in one of our planes

    • NEW! Piper Archer PA-28-181LX G1000 NXI Synthetic Vision, Autopilot, Weather, and Traffic

    • NEW! Piper Pilot 100i Garmin G3X Touch Synthetic Vision, Autopilot, Weather, and Traffic

    • Piper Warrior PA-28-151 Garmin G5, GPS Garmin 375 WAAS, Weather and Traffic

    • Cirrus SR22 G3 Avidyne/ GPS WAAS, Autopilot, Weather and Traffic

    • CE172 Garmin G5's Garmin 430 WAAS ADSB In & Out, Weather and Traffic


Pricing & Enrollement

Come prepared with the following information.

  • FAA Instrument Instructor written test passed

  • Current Passport, or Birth Certificate & Government Issued ID

  • Basic Med or FAA third class medical or better

  • Current Flight Instructor Certificate

  • Current Biennial Flight Review logged

Course, pricing, flight and ground instruction can be customized to individual needs.

  • Hotel & housing available.

  • Courtesy vehicle transportation available.

  • Train at our location or we can train at your location anywhere in the U.S.

  • Train in your plane or one of ours.

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