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Accelerated CFI and CFII Flight Training Program

Accelerated Flight Training Center

Training Pilots Since 1992

Your personalized flight training includes...

  • Full-time flight instructor exclusively assigned to you

  • Unlimited ground & flight instruction

  • "FAA practical test recommendation & check ride"

  • Personal training in your aircraft or our aircraft (Cessna, Piper, or Cirrus state-of-the-art technology)

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Our Pilot Programs

Our flight school provides various accelerated flight training programs, catering to the needs of every student. Our programs are suitable for those pursuing a career in aviation or individuals looking to obtain their next pilot certificate. We offer private and commercial pilot training, along with flight instructor certifications. Our courses also include instrument ratings and seaplane training.


5 Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

Finish up your private pilot certification in just 5 days with our 5 day accelerated private pilot finish up course.

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5 Day Commercial Pilot Course

5 day accelerated Commercial Pilot Course designed to launch your aviation career through an accelerated flight training program.


3 Day Seaplane Rating Course

Experience some of the most adventurist flying with a 3 day seaplane rating in a Piper Super cub on Amphibious floats.

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21 Day Private Pilot Course

Private pilot program designed to immerse the student pilot into a dedicated 21 day private pilot training course.

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5 Day Flight Instructor (CFI) Course

All the training to become a knowledgeable, high-quality, (CFI) Certified Flight Instructor in just 5 days.


3 Day Cirrus Aircraft Transition Course

Transition into a Cirrus SR20 or SR22 aircraft in just 3 days and learn to fly one of the most advance general aviation aircraft.

instrument rating icon

10 Day Instrument Rating Course

Designed to immerse the private pilot into a dedicated complete 10 day accelerated instrument rating training program.


5 Day Instrument Flight Instructor (CFII) Course

Add your instrument flight instructor (CFII) certification in just 5 days through our accelerated training course.


1 Day (IPC) Instrument Proficiency Course

Improve your instrument rating skills with our one day instrument proficiency course and refresh those IFR approaches.


5 Day IFR Finish-Up Course

Finish up your instrument rating course in just 5 days with the accelerated 5 day instrument rating course.


10 Day (Two Week) CFI and CFII Course

Complete 10 day (two week) accelerated (CFI) and (CFII) flight instructor training program. 


1 Day Flight Review Course

A flight review is required every two years, so join us for a one day FAA flight review course and refresh those piloting skills.

5 Day CFI Course

Come fly with us!

At Venture North Aviation, our mission is to train the next generation of pilots with a strong emphasis on proficiency, safety, and a deep appreciation for the marvel of flight. Our comprehensive and challenging training programs are specifically designed to prepare students for a career in aviation, and our state-of-the-art aircraft fleet provides an ideal learning environment. We take great pride in upholding exceptional safety and maintenance standards, and our team of expert instructors is dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. If you're ready to take your passion for flying to new heights, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Thank you for considering Venture North Aviation as your gateway to the skies.

What Others Are Saying ...

"Incredible flight training, I came back twice, I’ve never felt more equipped to be an excellent flight instructor. If you go ask for Dan, best instructor I’ve ever had."
Michael Colley

Learn About Us in Video

Watch our videos on YouTube! Ride along in a Cirrus SR22, learn to properly execute a soft field landing, tour nearby lakes in our seaplane, watch our instructional videos, and more.

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